• Work/Life Integration that works.

  • Move employees from Stressed & Distracted ...

  • ... to Relaxed, Focused, & Productive

  • Curated Content - Community - Professional Support

    A proactive approach to support today's working parents

  • Supported Employees = Thriving Employees

    and thriving families






Well & Ready is...

... Meaningful support for working parents & caregivers with kids of ALL ages

... Personalized, everyday, expert guidance

... Mindsets, Skillsets, Toolsets to simplify life and smooth out the wrinkles

... Actionable resources to keep kids & careers on track

... Working and parenting and caregiving with confidence

... Productive, engaged employees

Work/Life Support Reimagined



Well & Ready© Helps Organizations & Working Parents Succeed and Thrive Together.

With COVID-19, employees' work and personal lives have collided. The daily challenges that have plagued working parents for years are now heightened, exposed and competing in real time with career and company needs, causing high levels of stress, anxiety, and burnout. 



While employees struggle to understand and address work/life integration questions and concerns, your organization absorbs the cost of decreased productivity.











Well & Ready helps you prevent productivity loss and helps your working parents nip personal and professional issues in the bud through Well & Ready support.










Benefits That Support Working Parents Need An Update

Parents with children of all ages face challenges daily. And, their worries go beyond infant care. In addition to juggling school-at-home and work-from-home demands, parents face developmental, educational, and situational questions and concerns.  Traditional family support is heavily focused on the needs of new parents.  But being a working parent gets more complicated as a child grows, and a flexible schedule is an insufficient solution.

Working parents want to help their kids and their careers stay on track through the coronavirus and through their careers. 

Well & Ready Benefits Problem


Well & Ready At Your Organization

Well & Ready© helps organizations and working parents succeed and thrive together.

The Work/Life Integration Program© gives organizations the next generation of support for working parents and caregivers.  Keeping up with societal changes and the associated demands on caregivers, it provides quick access to resources that meet in the moment, and help them anticipate and respond to the myriad parenting/caregiving and career concerns they face along the entire parenting journey.

Well & Ready’s new proactive and manageable approach greatly reduces employee stress, absenteeism, presenteeism, and health care costs while increasing employee attraction, engagement, effectiveness & retention.


Discover how Well & Ready© can help you attract, support, & retain high-performing employees.


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Some Customer Thoughts...

"I was really struggling to manage my career and be a good parent. I felt like I wasn't doing either one well.  Well & Ready's reminders are targeted to my needs, and the support I get from the community or the Just In Time Advisors have helped me stay on top of my work and my kids' needs - actually integrating my responsibilities as a Marketing Director and as a mom and partner.  It's made a huge difference - I'm more productive at work, happier all around."  Tammy H.

"Well & Ready's parenting advisory service is incredible!  Finding time to read up on my kids' changing needs is impossible.  In one brief call, the advisors have helped me understand what's behind my kids' behavior and how to respond effectively. Kate helped me become more aware of what I was bringing into every situation and assumptions I was making.  The Well & Ready Way has completely changed the way I see and approach my parenting.  And it makes it all so much more simple".  Tom G.

"The Just-In-Time support is AMAZING! It's so helpful to simply be able to get to a coach so fast without a standing relationship.  My child just entered middle school, and his schedule demanded that I leave the office when I had a standing meeting.  It was so helpful to talk to a coach so fast and work through this situation. In one call, I was able to better understand my fears, options, and create a plan to work through this situation successfully.  The Advisor gave me several helpful tools to use in my conversation with my boss, which I've used with my partner successfully too! Bonus.  I'm so much less stressed, and more confident! "  Meaghan L.

"The Well & Ready Way process helps me be much more conscious and deliberate - at work and at home!  I feel more prepared, calm, and confident in my parenting because, while I don't have all the answers (kids and careers are always entering new phases) I've got a clear, simple approach that works every time, and the resources to fill in the details.  I'm a much better mom, and now my partner and I don't argue about what to focus on anymore!"  Kelly C.


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