Welcome to a new year brimming with the potential to be all you want it to be!  Let 2020 be the year you become Well & Ready!   

Here are 4 easy daily practices that you can embrace in 2020 that will get you started on your Well & Ready journey:

1.   Connect  - connect with your child every day at least once.  Connection occurs when a child feels seen, appreciated, and valued.  This can happen through play (this is a big one!), laughing together, listening, a hug, a ritual or secret gesture or code only you share.  Connection doesn't take long, but it makes your child feel settled, safe, and secure.

2.   Reflect - reflection enables all of us to learn, grow, and really discover who our kids are becoming. Take time every day to reflect on your own growth and your child's growth.  What do you appreciate most about yourself today?  Have you practiced self-compassion and kindness?  What did you find most exciting or frustrating about your child today?  Are you happy with the way you responded?  Simply pause.  Take a few breaths.  Reflect.  Learn.  Grow.

3.   Restore - None of us can operate well unless we are careful to get sufficient sleep, and care for our needs - physical and emotional.  First, Do you get  7 -8 hours of sleep per night on average?  Are you working on improving your sleep practices?  Wherever you are with your sleep - It's so hard with today's demands! - just try to make sleep a priority.  Second, prioritize YOU!  You cannot be a good parent unless you're a good YOU first.  Think about and know your social and emotional needs - then care for them. Maybe you really need 30 minutes a day all to yourself to stay on an even keel.  Or perhaps you start feeling sluggish and down without some social, adult interaction once a day.  Whatever your needs, carve out routines where they are met.

4.   Explore - Find your child's Magic. Each of our kids has a "special sauce" - something that is uniquely them and finding it is a process of discovery and acceptance.  A child's "magic" will evolve and present itself in many ways as they grow.  But every day, look for what made your child special today and tell your child what you see.


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