About Us

Who We Are

We're a team of passionate professionals: parents, scientists, researchers, coaches, doctors, students, and more who are banding together to help the next generation thrive.  And, since a parent is a child's first - and most influential - teacher, we're focused on helping parents improve their parenting game.

Co-founders, Sarah Porter-Braun and Susan Callahan spent two years researching the intersection of developmental science, social/emotional health, and current parenting practices, and the forces of change in our world.  They found a gap: parents are working ever harder at their parenting, but too often finding their ultimate goal evasive: a happy, thriving, young adult.  So they set out to close this gap.

Our world has changed.  Many of the parenting practices we grew up with are either irrelevant in our modern world, or research has proven them to be ineffective at best, and harmful at worst.  Parents clearly need easy access to the best, most up-to-date information offered up in formats and tools they can USE.  And, most importantly, they need to know what matters most at each stage of development. 




Where We're (ALL) Going

Our Kids are the future.  How we raise them matters. 

Close your eyes for just a minute and try to imagine a world where ALL of our children are thriving - living into their full potential and feeling "All In".  Imagine a world where our kids learned their unique gifts and strengths and knew how to use them in the world.  Pretty incredible, huh?  Yes, that's where we're going and we want YOU along for the journey with us.  Help the world become a better place - grow a healthy, prepared, thriving child.