Start With YOU

Who are You as a parent?

Parenting Starts With YOU

in the next moment and at every moment that lies ahead. 


There are a million ways to be a "great" parent because parenting is fundamentally about responding to needs, and different children have different needs.  But being able to respond effectively to your kids' needs and prepare them for the future requires you to understand yourself as a parent first. 

Following are six critical questions to ask yourself.  They will help you better understand yourself and your partner (if you have one) as parents.  The first three will help you clarify your values, goals, desires, and expectations.  The second three will help you uncover what some researchers call your "parenting inheritance" - the 'stuff' you learned from the way you were parented.



Pick up a journal or binder (if you want to print out the linked tools) - Nothing fancy is needed - just a place where you can record what you learn, capture the practices that work for you and your family, and keep notes of your thoughts along the way.